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If you are here it is very likely you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one. This testimonial below will show how effective the ibogaine treatment is to help anyone to start fresh again with a clear mind.

Sack had his first ibogaine treatment 2 years ago. Even though the duration of the treatment was 3 weeks, Sack still visits us. These days he comes just to clear his mind of common daily problems, being aware that since the moment he stepped into Meseta Ibogaine House he didn't just have caretakers, but friends.

Ibogaine Clinic in Baja Mexico - Sack's post treatment story.

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Ah, my dear, sweet Kimiko. With your beautiful and gentle spirit/nature, you have seen your gifts and all you truly have to share with life. Your smile brought great joy to my life.

- Sandi Hartman.

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Testimonies of Ibogaine treatment in Mexico

All testimonials are posted on our website with the approbation of each patient.
Only if you are agree we will post you experience. We take the identity of our patients very serious.

“After the treatment I was able to think clearly”

"I feel Ibogaine help me a lot, I tried another methods and none of them worked."

Aaron is back on tracks now

Heroin addiction stopped. Giving Aaron a new opportunity for a new beginning.

Ibogaine is an awesome thing – Kimiko

10 years of heroine addiction stopped in a few days giving to Kimiko the opportunity to start a new life

Dewitt – His experience with an Ibogaine Treatment

Good, it's great, everybody is efficient, everybody really care of the people that come through here. It's more like a

Ibogaine restores your sanity

After I went out from jail my body was clean but my mind wasn't and all I can think about

Why should I choose an Ibogaine treatment in Mexico?

A lot of good reasons to come to Tijuana for your treatment!

Why should I choose an Ibogaine treatment in Mexico?

When seeking treatment for your drug addiction, it is always recommended to travel to a place where you can seek spiritual guidance and serenity to help you get over the course of your treatment. Furthermore, ibogaine treatment in Mexico is more advanced than it is in the USA, and you can save a substantial amount of money by resorting to seeking ibogaine treatment in Mexico as opposed to having a treatment course in the USA.

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Does ibogaine treatment really work?

Does ibogaine treatment really work?

Does ibogaine treatment really work?

Ibogaine is regarded as an addiction interrupter, and it works in accordance with the opioid receptors, which prove beneficial in rewiring your brain, which helps you to recuperate from your drug addiction effectively. While there are a number of medical treatments that suggest a treatment for drugs addiction, the use of ibogaine treatment serves a reliable and safer option for curing drug addiction.

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You are family. Not just a client.

Most people treated with ibogaine report post-treatment improvements in medical health, relationships with significant others and psychological well-being. According to one Dutch study, by 58%, 88% and 96% respectively.

"All patients in the opiate detoxification study were successful in the detoxification process and many were able to maintain abstinence for a period of months following treatment."

Dr. Thomas Kingsley Brown

You are family

We help people heal-gently, powerfully and successfully with ibogaine treatment.

Individual programs

With our ibogaine treatment we create individual programs and cater to each client addressing the unique mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of each one.

Relaxing activities

Plus the benefits of ibogaine treatment, we offer a beautiful setting, massage, ocean walks, and food for both the body and soul. Extra benefit of choose an Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

It's about the heart, not the head!

It is about giving back. It is about helping another person without judgment. It is about losing your own self-focus and self-preoccupation.
We provide the client essential compassion in the form of listening. In a way that is the most important thing that we do.
By being emotionally available ourselves, we will be fulfilling one of the messages of this medicine.


Why should I choose an Ibogaine treatment for my addiction?

Over the years, ibogaine has gained acknowledgment for its role in the treatment of drug addiction treatment. Drug addiction could spiral up as a lethal habit in our bodies, and its treatment process might involve the administration of certain pharmaceutical drugs to counter the side-effects of the drug. The use of ibogaine treatment usually pertains to the treatment of opiates addiction, and it also assists you a patient in overcoming the wrath of the detoxification process during the treatment.

In addition to putting a halt to opiates use, the use of ibogaine is focused on bringing people back to their normal lives, and it is also concentrated on making them productive to function in society. It has been concluded that individuals who seek treatment for their drug addiction for an extended time period, are more likely to give up on the habit of doing drugs.

Of course, the occurrence of withdrawals during the first 24-78 hours of detoxification is inevitable but, once the ibogaine treatment process is administered systemically, it attributes to the normal functioning of a human body. If a drug addict is enrolled to an ibogaine treatment center, he is more likely to ask the following questions from the administrators and doctors deployed at the clinic:


FAQ - Meseta Ibogaine Clinic

Fell free to call us or send us your number to contact you and help you out with any inquiry that you may have after reading the FAQ.

How we can go from the border to Meseta?

Very easy. We will pick you up on the San Ysidro border.

Do you accept all kinds of addiction?

Yes. With ibogaine treatment you can have the opportunity of start all over again with a new mind, an addiction-free mind to help you out to be back to a better life.

How long does an ibogaine treatment last for drug addiction treatment?

The use of ibogaine treatment counters the side effects of opiates or drugs addiction, as the frequency of addiction differs according to the amount and duration of the drug used. It should be considered that addicts go through a process of drug addiction treatment at various rates, so the duration of an ibogaine treatment cannot be accurately estimated.

Is ibogaine safe to use?

The use of ibogaine to cure the symptoms of drug addiction has become a common phenomenon. The pharmaceutical drug is regulated by the FDA, and it is consistently improved to meet the health and safety standards. The use of ibogaine for the treatment of drug addiction is effective when it is used in appropriate dosages under the supervision of an experienced physician.

Before a patient is given an ibogaine dosage, he goes through a screening process, which deems the administration of ibogaine fit for him.

What am I supposed to bring with me?

When enrolling a patient in a treatment process, he is required to bring a compilation of his medical results. You should also bring a bag where you can keep your clothing for your stay. You can also bring a book or a tablet to keep yourself entertained during the treatment process.

What steps should I take to prepare myself for the treatment process?

You will be required to take preemptive as well as calculative measurements during the treatment process. You will be required to take medical tests to confirm the level of drug in your system, and no treatment facility proceeds with the administration of ibogaine in your system without the current and old medical tests reports.

You will be required to take ECG tests, blood tests, and toxicity tests. On the contrary, you will be required to treat yourself with a light diet two weeks prior to your enrollment in the ibogaine treatment center. The administrators of the treatment facility will educate you on the uses of ibogaine treatment, and they will also help a patient to prepare themselves for the treatment process.

How many patients are generally treated during a session?

As the use of ibogaine has increased significantly for the treatment of drug addiction, more people have started enrolling themselves into an ibogaine treatment program. Each treatment session caters to approximately 5-7 patients at a time. Each patient is admitted in a separate room, and they are monitored and cared for consistently during the process of their treatment.

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