What matters when choosing an ibogaine treatment Center?

Ibogaine is known as a psychoactive compound found in Tabernathe iboga, a West African shrub. West African people have historically used the substance for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. Researches have shown that it decreases self-administration of opioids, alcohol, and stimulants. Also, it significantly reduces withdrawal symptoms from drugs after just a single administration. Other studies have shown a significant decrease in cocaine and opiate cravings for extended periods after administering treatment.

The use of ibogaine treatment when dealing with opiate addiction is a breakthrough process that has contributed immensely to the cure of the addictive effects of addiction. Addiction to opiates is a deadly habit that can leave a long-lasting impact on the mental and physical capacity of people if they do not seek medication on time. Even though there are many different ways for curing addiction, ibogaine treatment works well to decrease the long-term symptoms and helps people to prepare and get their life back on track within a short period. The treatment option has also proven useful for other indications, like in the treatment of psychological disorders like post-traumatic stress disorders and depression. The psychological effects help to view hard experiences differently and assist in facilitating closure of emotional conflicts.

With the widespread cases of drug prohibition across the globe, traditional cultures that don’t require quality licenses and unregulated treatment in some countries, it has become quite challenging to find a quality ibogaine treatment center. When choosing an ibogaine clinic, you must carry out extensive research. Even though there are many reputable centers, there are still other facilities that ought to be avoided. Ibogaine treatment should be provided by professionals to ensure that you get the best possible care that will suit your personal needs. Below is a comprehensive guide on the most critical factors that must be considered when choosing the ibogaine treatment Center.


One of the essential features of an ibogaine Center is safety. You should never assume that treatment is a risk-free practice. There are several risks, including seizures, heart-related problems, fatal interactions with other drugs and liver complications. As such, it is crucial to do thorough research about all the health risks that are associated with ibogaine use to make an informed decision.

For better treatment, it is vital to choose an ibogaine treatment Center that offers a high degree of medical care. The Center should have medical doctors in-house instead of soliciting for services from nearby hospitals. The Center should also have a nursing team based on the 1:1 ratio per patient. Another safety procedure that is acquired is taking full medical history before treatment. Moreover, a good Center ought to have a complete set of the laboratory results, including liver function analysis and a full blood panel to ensure proper treatment. All medical team members must be certified by the necessary organizations as well to avoid substandard services.

The most reputable and reliable ibogaine Centers ought to have a full medical staff that includes nurses and doctors that are professionally trained not just to minister and administer treatment, but also to handle all emergencies that might arise. Ibogaine treatment involves more than going to a clinic. Many medical tests must be performed, including EKG screening, to ensure the safety of the patient. After ibogaine administered, the Center must have full-time nurses and doctors on hand. Professional clinics will always have medical staff available on the side before the treatment starts. Do not settle for a Center that does not consider safety when administering care.

Customer Support

Before committing yourself to a clinic, it’s crucial to ask all the questions that you can think of. Professional clinics should always have a well-designed website with useful information about the treatment options. Still, ibogaine treatment is a dangerous practice, and you will probably have questions that cannot be answered by the website alone. A right ibogaine Center should allow clients to get in direct contact by phone or email. If not, that is a clear indication that you should not be pursuing such a place. After making the initial contact, you should wait and see the time it gets for a person to get back.

Is their response prompt, or do you have to wait for weeks before hearing anything? An ibogaine centre should respond within a short time after you contact them. The support person should also treat you with courtesy and appear genuinely interested in the questions to be asked. The support team should be ready and willing to help at any given time.

The way you will be regarded before you decide to commit to a treatment plan at any Center is a clear indication of how patients are taken care of when treatment begins. You should feel comfortable with the way inquiries being handled before starting treatment. Besides reliable customer support, there are some Centers that provide complete luxury accommodations to ensure patients enjoy a better experience while receiving treatment.

Ability to Get Pre-screening Tests Done

As earlier stated, there are several ibogaine treatment Centers that are available to pick. You should always choose one that suits your situation and able to make a difference in your life. One of the best services that you should look for in an ibogaine Center is the ability to offer pre-screening tests. Good Centers should require pre-screening checks before any person can start medication. In most circumstances, this includes medical history, urine samples, blood tests and an EKG.

The tests are necessary to guarantee safety before a person undergoes ibogaine treatment. In case an infection is discovered, or there are contradicting drugs within a person’s system, the tests will determine whether or not you should get treatment. Also, the blood pressure or heart function might require monitoring for days before medication in case you have circulatory or heart complications. It is also essential to go to a Center that allows for these pre-screening tests before undertaking any treatment. By having tests done, you ensure that all necessary precautions before surgery

Ibogaine Treatment Cost

Even though there are cheaper treatment options, it is essential to remember the fact that these options may not be suitable for you. As much as we want more affordable options, also put into consideration the quality of service provided. Additional costs like medical supervision are essential for your safety and personal health. Treatment might seem expensive, but spending a little extra cash to guarantee successful outcomes will pay off immensely in future. Savings a few dollars to get inadequate ibogaine treatment is an unsafe practice that might end up costing a lot more.

Besides, it is good to keep in mind the fact that the cost of treatment varies. Still, ibogaine treatment costs above $7 000 are considered too high for 7-day treatment plans. Good Centers also recommend a 10-30 day aftercare plan, which is extremely useful when put togehther with professional treatment. The cost of treatment should not go beyond $7 000. In case of any extra charges, the money should go towards aftercare services. Ibogaine treatment is a crucial decision that should is taken seriously. The doctors at any Center, regardless of the charges, should be able to provide professional service without any compromise. As you pay, ensure that the Center offers a guarantee of expert doctors.

Nonetheless, good Centers should strive to keep treatment costs as low as possible. These Centers usually spend a more extensive section of their revenues on a competent team of therapy and medical professionals that are deeply committed to the well-being and safety of patients. It is wise to choose a treatment Center that takes into consideration all critical aspects of the patients, including financial status.

Access to Pre-Treatment Counseling

Just like all other types of psychedelic therapy, the ibogaine treatment is also most effective if you are emotionally and mentally prepared for it. By understanding the things that will happen during the treatment period and setting clear intentions can be the difference between challenging experiences and an enlightening, meaningful one. As such, a right ibogaine treatment Center should offer access to pre-treatment counselling to prepare the patient. The advice is an excellent way of setting these intentions and helps to improve the effectiveness of ibogaine treatment.

You should not opt for pre-treatment counselling from local psychedelic therapists. In case this happens, it will only shorten the time that you will spend at the treatment Center. Also, it does not allow you to establish a relationship with a therapist for continued integration therapy. By having pre-treatment sessions, it helps you to cope well with the treatment plan.

In case you do get pre-treatment counselling before the retreat, you might require extra days to undergo counselling from the ibogaine Center. During these days, you will be able to explore the mental and physical effects of using ibogaine, set intentions for treatment sessions, and meet your treatment staff.

Care Plan

Most people who agree to undergo ibogaine treatment usually yearn to break from the years of pain and negativity. Even though ibogaine treatment is effective at freeing you from cravings and withdrawals, it does not teach a person how to live a productive and positive life. That makes it necessary for an ibogaine Center to have a care plan to help patients after treatment

A robust and effective aftercare plan ought to provide tools required to build positive patterns of trust, self-love and thought.

Moreover, the project should teach people how to deal with the stress of new life positively. A high ibogaine Center should have a variety of holistic treatments like Yoga, breathwork, meditation, Equine Assisted Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, massage and acupuncture that are helpful to prepare clients to lead a healthy and happy life. They should also provide additional services like supportive Skype sessions to former clients. These services go a long way to help patients who have undergone ibogaine treatment.


Even though ibogaine is a powerful tool that can help to break the addiction cycle, it is not a miracle drug that will immediately impact on the addict. When choosing an ibogaine treatment clinic, you should always consider the support they offer, therapy and counselling. These practices help you to make a transition to a happy, healthy lifestyle easily. In case you find a Center that claims that ibogaine is the only thing that you require, you should be skeptical. Always strive for Centers that offer pre-treatment counselling; a practice that is very crucial to prepare clients to manage life after treatment. The holistic treatments are also vital for rebuilding constructive patterns of behavior.

The decision that you make when it comes to ibogaine treatment should be based on your comfort level and personal needs. Many addicts spend a lot of money in vain on the traditional rehab facilities. At times, they even resort to alternative treatment methods to overcome their addiction. Choosing the right ibogaine Center is essential when you want quality service — knowing the questions to ask, the services to look for and exactly what treatment you want will undoubtedly help you to make the right decision. Ibogaine can bring about many severe changes in people’s lives. It has helped many addicted people in their transition phase up to full recovery. When selecting a facility for treatment, one has to ensure that he/she will experience a complete success that has been felt by others.

Different people require different treatments. It is best that the patient looks for the right treatment Center that will cater to their needs. One has to ensure that the setting is safe and very comfortable. Another thing, the patient has to weigh the ancillary treatment options to ensure that they will work correctly for them. A right treatment Center also has to have efficient aftercare services and even an excellent proven safety record. Before one choosing a treatment Center, he has to ensure that he has put all those factors into consideration. The patient has to know all the facts about the Center, treatment options and settle for treatment that will work better for him. There is still hope of saving drug addicts and having a drug free society. One has to get the best treatment that will help him move forward in life.

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