“After the treatment I was able to think clearly”


“After the treatment I was able to think clearly”


"I feel Ibogaine help me a lot, I tried another methods and none of them worked."

``Coming from a pure skeptic: don't wait, I encourage you to get yourself prepare to came to Tijuana``

Morgi i am always happy to hear that you’re continuing to do well. still burning up the phone lines no doubt  enjoy every day of your new life and keep some love in each and every one.


Aaron is back on tracks now

Heroin addiction stopped. Giving Aaron a new opportunity for a new beginning.

Ibogaine is an awesome thing – Kimiko

10 years of heroine addiction stopped in a few days giving to Kimiko the opportunity to start a new life

Dewitt – His experience with an Ibogaine Treatment

Good, it's great, everybody is efficient, everybody really care of the people that come through here. It's more like a

Ibogaine restores your sanity

After I went out from jail my body was clean but my mind wasn't and all I can think about

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