When you arrive at Ibogaine Clinic, “mi casa es su casa”.

We offer a friendly, family atmosphere with a clinical overlay.

Ibogaine Treatment: Your first two to three days will be spent in a stabilization period, meaning that if you have been using opiates you will be administered medicine to keep you comfortable while we get to know each other and review your medical records. This waiting period allows us to develop a relationship conducive to journeying together. During this time we may administer iv aminos or other supplements and/or fluids if this is necessary to optimize your well-being prior to treatment.

On the evening of the third day we begin treatment with a test dose of ibogaine. This test dose is administered to ensure that you have no adverse reaction or sensitivity to the medicine and allows us to observe the rate at which you metabolize it. About thirty minutes after the test dose is given we will administer the “flood dose”, the major part of your treatment dose. You will be under the intense influence of this dose for the next several hours, during which you will relax comfortably in bed, with a medical attendant nearby.

In the following days with us you will process and integrate the journeying you have done in a quiet, supportive atmosphere. During this time you will receive booster doses of medicine as required and will have medicine in these smaller doses to take with you when you leave. This is done so that any residual withdrawal or unease that may pop up in the following weeks can be addressed.

Natural meals

For your convenience we have chef. All dishes are prepared with fresh food.

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A professional team will be always by your side.


We offer a healthy, well-rounded diet and try to accommodate any individual preferences or needs. We are not a vegetarian facility but will supply that diet if requested. I find that after treatment when appetite is often not that good, offering comfort foods or foods that clients find appealing is the best option.

Ibogaine is approximately five blocks from the beach and we take daily outings—to the local beach or to surrounding areas. We have a gym nearby that is available for clients, as well as offering yoga and massage. There are also NA/AA meetings nearby which we encourage, but which are not mandatory.

Our relationship with clients does not end when you leave our facility. We maintain contact and offer support and on-going services for as long as you require and desire. We are the best Ibogaine Clinic.

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Cozy and relaxed environment.

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